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Sunrise/sunset December 12, 2012

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The mosquito bites woke me at 1:45 am. Which was good because my alarm was set for 2am. At 2:30 I quietly tiptoed out of the Ashram to meet Merritt and my driver,Yande as we headed out to hike to the top if Batur volcano. I must admit, it’s a good thing I had no idea what I was in for because had I known I might not have been on board;).
The hike took about 3 hours to the top. It was pitch black and mostly straight up. I was wearing Birkenstocks! ( my sneakers which I schlepped all the way here and never wore, had been accidentally thrown into the donation pile so sandals were my only option.)
My outfit by the way….epic.
Sandals with socks? Check. Oddly out of place NC state baseball cap? Check. Heinous oversize jacket tied around my waist? Check. Headlamp flashlight? Check. I only wish I had a fanny pack to complete the look.

I slid and lost my balance a lot. Our guide finally made me hold his hand because I think I was scaring him to death bc I kept losing my balance on the rocks!)
Once we finally made it to the peak it was absolutely breathtaking! Out guide prepared us some eggs and a banana sandwich as we watched the most epic sunrise I’ve ever witnessed.
The climb down wasn’t much easier than the way up….for me maybe even harder actually. Ging downhill is actually more challenging for someone with knee issues. But I made it safely to the bottom and enjoyed a monkey parade en route as well.

On our way in Yande took us to a coffee plantation for a cup of brew and then it was back to the ashram to collect my things.
We headed out of town and settled on spending the last day and night in Sanur. I needed one last day at the water.
Yande made an arrangement for me to see a Balinese healer named Cokorda Rai of Singapadu village. He is in his 80’s and very well regarded. Yande told me he was of the “highest caste” which meant he was a noble high priest even higher than a king.
The experience was another highlight. I spoke to him briefly and then he did a physical check looking for pain. I won’t go in to the details (I’m happy to share in person if you’re interested). But basically he found the source if my pain….and I swear on my life…he did some sort of “energy clearing” and the pain was gone! He advised I take a special herbal concoction which he would prepare for me I order to keep the pain away. I believe it will work.

The day ended on the beach watching yet another magnificent Bali sunset. Colors that would make crayola envious.
Gratitude. I am blessed.














2 Responses to “Sunrise/sunset”

  1. Sarah Simpson Says:

    I think I’m more jealous than Crayola. Also, love the outfit description and pic. Funny girl.

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