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The most amazing day December 9, 2012

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The first day post yoga training was pure heaven.

Late Friday night I checked into the Anand Ashram. It describes itself as a place for spiritual travelers and I was really drawn to it. Every morning there is mediation at 6am followed by a fire blessing ceremony at 630 and then yoga at 7. There are breaks throughout the day for those who want to venture into town. So it’s not like a traditional strict ashram. There is midday mediation and chanting and also an evening one. (nothing is mandatory)
I really like it here. The accommodations are simple but very clean and just what I need. There’s even a small, but refreshing “Healing pool” as they call it.

After mediation yesterday the women who is kinda like the receptionist asked if I would be joining for yoga. I said yes of course and she said, “good you will teach it”. I thought she was kidding but she was not. She is the usual teacher but I suppose she thought this would be my contribution to the community. I was a little flustered but i went for it. It was amazing! I knew I wanted to teach right away but did not think it would be the next day after my course ended! Nor when I imagined my first class did I think it would be at a beautiful outdoor temple in Bali! So blessed.
I taught again this morning only this time with a plan and sequence prepared. It was awesome for me. And i think the students liked it as well:)

After class I was picked up to head out to the elephant safari park. This was the moment I had waited for for months. Yes I came to Bali for yoga…blah blah blah….bring on to the elephants.

Words can’t really describe so that’s why I took about a million pictures! I was there for over 5 overs and never wanted to go! Luckily it started to pour or i might have had to move in.
It was definitely one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I love these animals. Each one has it’s own mahoun which means trainer or rider. And the bind they have is amazing as you can see from one of the photos below. You can really see and feel the love I this place.

After returning to town I walked around for hours, became exhausted and treated myself to a massage;) 1 hour for $7. Sure ill splurge.
After which I met a new driver who is so sweet. I promised him I would “make him some work”. He drove me to an awesome raw food and vegan cafe (they have non veg stuff too but thats their speciality). He then picked me up and brought me to the ashram. I’ve hired him again today to pick me up and take me back to town. He’s so sweet and it’s super fun to drive through the hills on the motorbike! (he has a car but the bike is preferred around here and it’s fun)

Without further ado….











3 Responses to “The most amazing day”

  1. Xav Says:

    I think I would cry if I had to leave my elephant adventure. Awesome

  2. Renee Says:


  3. Jackie Says:

    I can tell you are “in love” with these beautiful animals . These photos are amazing!

    Teaching yoga, riding an elephant, having a massage and a delicious meal all in one day ..not to mention seeing this beautiful land from the back of a motor bike.
    You, my sweet daughter, are having the adventure of a life time and I am living vicariously through you while reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing this with all of us who are waiting in the USA to welcome you home.
    Love you,

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