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A visual recap if you don’t feel like reading:) December 7, 2012

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The training is coming to a close and I have a long entry written but I thought I would just give a quick photo oriented recap:

The time in ubud is awesome. A great change of pace from Balian river, but a welcome shift. I’m looking forward to doing some more exploring now that the work is over.
These are some shots of where I’m staying as well as some photos of our karma yoga endeavor where i got to teach yoga to about 75 Balinese senior citizens. Amazing!
I also got to tour a prenatal and birthing clinic ( no pictures obviously but I did see a baby who’d been born just hours before). This clinic does incredible work to provide care to the Balinese women. Unfortunately the government here is still quite strict with health and women’s care so prenatal care is scarce and desperately needed. If anyone is interested in donating to this cause let me know and I can provide information. They are always in need of vitamins and other supplies which are heavily controlled by the govt and are thus in short supply.

The rest of the shots are of the rice walk I took as well as some of the room where we take morning class ( and one old one from balian beach). And also a picture of me with the best little girl I the world, Olivia:)
















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