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Happy thanksgiving November 22, 2012

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Here in bali today is the third Thursday so it is “technically” thanksgiving. However since it is an American holiday I don’t suppose it really counts until tomorrow.
Tonight we will be doing meditation on gratitude in lieu of having a feast.
I have so much to be thankful for this year. It has been a tough one for me, but the support and love I have felt has been my life source. I’m so grateful to have friends and family who support me without condition or expectation. I’m a lucky girl in so many ways. Thank you thank you and thank you!

Here’s a quick wrap of of the goings-on of the past few days: I met with an osteopath who also specializes in subtle body energy and healing. It was an interesting experience (incidentally he told me I should probably not be doing yoga but that’s a whole other thing!)
Although I don’t plan to stop my yoga practice any time soon, it did help to solidify my intent for this training as well as for when I return. Which is that my “goal” needs to be oriented towards doing less not more. I’m a “pusher”. I like challenge and I have a high threshold for pain. I often ignore what my body is telling me and opt instead to push through the pains or limitations. I know this is a foolish and ego driven practice. But I struggle with the idea of being lazy or too quick to give up. But I need to trust that I can let got sometimes and do less. I think I have proven myself to be a dedicated yoga practitioner but from now on I need focus on what is right for me and acknowledge and embrace that what feels right today may not tomorrow. And that’s ok. Be present and stay humble.

On my day off I traveled to Ubud with Mckall for a Balinese cooking class. It was amazing. We met at the city center at 8am and headed off for a tour of the market. We then stopped by a rice field before heading to the family compound of our teachers and hosts. This family was so amazing and generous. They had such a great sense of humor and spirit. W were met with fresh lemonade and given a brief overview of their family life and insight into balinese culture and tradition. Family is very important here and they stick together. In some compounds there are as many as 50 people all living together! Family harmony is very carefully maintained. To ensure this these families have a practice where by they have regular meetings to discuss any discord or disagreements. They do not go to bed angry or unresolved. The idea is that when one member of the family is unhappy it leads to unhappiness in the entire family. So they nip it in the bud right away.

The food we made was amazing and we got recipes for everything so I look forward to attempting to replicate this meal when I return home.

The sun is about to set and I make a point never to miss it. So that’s all.

Sending lots of love and gratitude out to you all!







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