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A child’s kindness and wisdom-presents from Olivia November 7, 2012

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My teachers, Oliver and Alicia have the sweetest and most amazing little girl I’ve ever met.
Truly. She is 4 years old and is so articulate and mature yet still so pure and childlike.
The other day was rough bc my knee was hurting during yin yoga practice. This is supposed to be a more restorative practice of deep stretching with “less work”. But working less is a challenge for me.
At some point my knee made a loud pop and although it didn’t really hurt that much it surprised me and I started to cry. ( apparently crying in these types of classes is quite common bc deep stretching can bring up emotions and memories that frustrate, anger or sadden us)
I was frustrated. And angry. So the tears flowed.
I wanted to leave but I chose to stay and just lay down. Olivia came in to the room to sit with mom and saw me crying. She came over to my side and gave me this little book with a sticker on top and said, “Here this means friend” I said thank you ( more tears, but now of the happy kind) and she politely said, “ok im gonna go now” off she went.
A little bit later I heard her return but I was lying down eyes closed.
When I sat up at the end of class I noticed she placed a small bag of trinkets and little toys down beside me.
She asked if I liked my present. “Of course” I said. But she’s a child after all and I hated to take her toys…and I figured she ( like most kids) wouldn’t really want to let them go. So I said,” thank you so much. But I hate to take your toys. Why don’t you keep it and we can play with them together.”. She simply smiled and said ” No you keep it. It’s your present” and then as she walked away she said “I don’t need all that stuff,”. Ha. Such wisdom and kindness in such a small package.
We should all be so generous and compassionate. And we could also all probably remind our selves from time to time, that we too “don’t need all that stuff”.




2 Responses to “A child’s kindness and wisdom-presents from Olivia”

  1. Sarah Simpson Says:

    What a lovely story. Keep em comin. 🙂

  2. Jackie Says:

    Olivia sounds like an old soul in a young body. So sweet of her to show you concern and then share her teasures to make you feel better.

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