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36 hours and a cowboy November 4, 2012

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So I have finally arrived in Hong Kong. Sadly my plans to spend a few days here exploring we’re foiled by a lady named sandy. This sandy was definitely the end of grease red lipstick, pleather pant version too. Luckily my area of town saw no damage. However much of lower manhattan was destroyed with flooding and power outrages.  Truth be told I actually had a great few days “hunkering down” with Bevin, James and Botta as we enjoyed singalongs and scattergories with far too much Crown.

With flights being canceled left and right I knew there was no way I was getting out anytime soon. So the executive decision was made to rebook my flight to depart from RDU so we could drive from NYC to Raleigh and I could make it to hong kong before my flight to Bali on saturday.


We learn that the mystery passenger will be none other than Randy, aka the cowboy from the village people!!!

(this journey is getting more bizarre by the minute). Unfortunately for us, Randy lives in the lower east side. The flooded, powerless, traffic-ridden LES!  
It takes us nearly 3 hours to drive from upper manhattan to lower.  My meditation and yoga patience was greatly tested as I feared for the worst: that after a 10 hour drive I might possibly miss my flight!

Botta was a champion and we made it in to Raleigh by 4am. Giving me just 3 precious hours to rest before departure. 

First stop-Atlanta. The flight was quick and easy and I chatted with a nice older woman who encouraged me and reassured me just how much fun I was going to have. 

Now it was time for the long haul.  Atlanta to Tokyo. 
I foolishly boarded with priority boarding, bc it seemed like a perk I ought to redeem. When you are about to take a 14 hour flight I recommend waiting to the last possible second to get on!
I settled in to the last seat on the plane. A window seat I had begged for since my assigned seat was to be the middle seat of the middle row!

As more and more passengers came aboard I said a silent prayer to be seated next to a small, quiet Japanese woman.  Nope. 
Up walks a loud, overweight Puerto Rican man:(. 
He settles in and proclaims “well we might as well get to know each other since we’ll be together for 14 hours (he laughs. Which in fact he is one of those people who literally laughs after everything they say regardless of its humor or event content). 
We’re then informed that they have forgotten to fuel up!!  This would seem to me to be at least number 2 on the checklist but alas no. 
There we are, boarded an hour before scheduled departure and now we must sit on the plane for an additional 1.5 hours waiting for gas. 
That’s when I notice there is a serious cleanup occurring in the row next to mine. 
Yep. The flight has yet to even take off and someone has already thrown up!!!!
It’s going to be a long day. 

I sleep on and off in my cramped seat and managed to watch/ sleep through a few movies before finally arriving in Tokyo. 
I scope out the hello kitty in the gift shop and stretch out before boarding my next 5.5 hour flight. 

This flight wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t full and I managed to move to my own row where I could lay down and sleep. The food was quite possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve ever attempted to eat so I only had about 2 bites. 

Once in Hong Kong immigration was a breeze and I was finally on my way to Tanya’s.   She had a lovely home and white wine waiting for me. 
It was late and I was hungry. So I got to sample the local culinary delights….
That’s right. I flew halfway around the world and had to eat Mcdonalds. At least I got to try the Taro Pie. The hong kong alternative to the apple pie:)

Sleep was good and I awoke amazingly refreshed at 7:15am. 
Next stop: BALI


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